Saturday, April 22, 2006

just another friday

Alice, Sasha and I walked to the Chloe and Adam's house for pre-going out wine, last night.

Chloe, Adam, Chloe's mom (who is visiting), Denise and Scott. When Chloe's mom met Sasha and I, she excitedly said, "Oh, you're Canadians!"

Adam and Targa.

Sasha and I left early to go to a keg party, and jumped on the Queen St. car to head down to Dufferin.

Unfortunatly, I wasn't paying much attention, and made Sasha get off the streetcar prematurely at Ossington.

We ended up at Stag Nation's keg party, which I was invited to by Jason. (Apparently they forgot to send out invitations to any other females. The few guys I talked to about this matter were sorely dissapointed.)

You might remember that a couple of months back, I abused craigslist once again in search of an adequately bearded man. I got dozens of pictures, words of love, and near-marriage proposals, but Jason's cleverly worded response was the only one that I replied to.

So, yes, when it comes down to it, Jason is another Internet friend. However, I think he moved past the levels of being a mere cyber-friend when he made me a mix CD for my road trip and came to my Kegger for a Cause. (Honestly, the power of the bearded man hasn't once yet dissapointed me. Best New Year's Resolution, ever.)

We talked to these kids for a bit, but I couldn't stop staring at the guy on the right's "Improv Camp" t-shirt. As a former "drama nerd" myself, I knew I shouldn't be questioning the fact that he was wearing the said t-shirt. After all, we were at a fundraiser kegger for a comedy troupe. Yet, for some reason, I still found myself biting my tongue. (I'm a bad person.) "How did you guys end up here?" I asked them, after finding out that they also didn't know anyone at the party. "Actually, our drama teacher e-mailed us about it."

Wow, makes me wish I went to York. Since when do profs e-mail their students about keggers?

We became friends with this guy, who just walked up to us and handed us jello shooters (I'm always friends with people who immediatly give me shots as a friendship offering.) I sympathized with him about the lack of girls.

He was still excited to be there.

This is the only picture Sasha and I took together all night that we could agree on. I had to delete the rest due to difference of opinion.

"Hi, I'm going to take your picture and then post it on the Internet because I'm bored right now, okay?"

(It's strange how many people are willing to cooperate when you walk up to them and simply state this fact.)

Waiting in line for the bathroom was also kind of boring.

(Disclaimer: my pose was clearly mocking something or other, although at this point in time I can't recall what, exactly.)

Have you ever waited forever in line to use a bathroom at a party, and wondered what was taking the person ahead of you so long? I really liked the colour of the bathroom, okay? (I would like to note that there wasn't actually a line for the bathroom. I'm not that inconsiderate.)

Thanks for inviting us, Jason.

Then we met these cute gay boys at Domino's. They live just down the street from us.

Just another Friday night.


  1. "Honestly, the power of the bearded man hasn't once yet dissapointed me."

    Ahem: rash in New York? Or was that a highlight?

  2. That wasn't really a beard, persay. . .it was more like some weird Egyptian facial growth configuration. Besides, that incident is striken from not only the record, but from my memory as well.