Sunday, April 30, 2006

In less than 24 hours we've. . .

1. Climbed into the mouth of a t-rex and called Sasha to say Happy Birthday
2. Picked up a hitch-hiker
3. Ignored the threats of a $50,000 fine and played in the hoodoos
4. Driven from the prairies into the desert and then into semi-forest region
5. Played a rousing game of Get Off That Thing ("Get Off That Hoodoo" and "Get Off That Dinosaur")
6. Looked over the edge of a canyon
7. Searched for dinosaur bones, but they all cost $2000
8. Listened to music circa 1995
9. Saw a bison farm (not to mention hawks, bison, llamas and donkeys!)
10.Eaten a dinner Mike made us, which was delicious (Mike has his Blue Seals Chefs whateveryoucallit)
11. De-stressed
12. Taken over 70 pictures
13. Driven over 400 km
14. Gotten sunburned in the +26 degree weather
14. And most importantly, Mike and I took Brie and Court to their first non-LCBO liquor store. ("Is there a liquor store close to here?" they asked. "Only about 6," Mike answered, "in a 1-block radius." I love Jasper Avenue.)

. . .and now we're all sitting around with semi-hairy pants and sweatpants (except for Mike, who allegedly has "super-hairy legs") and drinking.


  1. So jealous... I cant wait to go on a road trip

  2. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Gogol Bordello indeed!!!

  3. Thank you girl, you made this week worth it. Have fun in Cold Lake.

  4. Wait now... How about for your non-skills list, you put "writing".... I see the irony in this statement as you are a journalism student, however I'm referring more to the quality. Yes, I'm saying you are a very messy writer... At least on beer bottles labels you are...