Thursday, April 13, 2006

E-Mails with My Parents

Easter is coming up this weekend. I'm going to spend the weekend in Ottawa with Sasha's family and Monique, but I'm also only human. Holidays like this leave me feeling really homesick, especially when I know that even my brother, who lives in BC, will be there without me.

Lucky for me, my mom e-mailed me this morning with words of reassurance that only a mother can provide:

"Have a good weekend. We will think of you maybe at Auntie Bev's."*

Key word being maybe.

It's nice to know that they might take a second to think of me, but aren't entirely sure yet if they'll remember to think of me.


*Okay, I admit what she probably meant was they might be at my Auntie Bev's, but aren't sure yet. However, knowing my mother, there is an equal chance she could have meant it the way I originally read it. She's a funny lady.


  1. Awww that sucks your mom might think about you on Easter. My mom is disappointed that I wont be there. But then there is the easter egg hunt in Kensington this weekend :D That should be fun. Who wants to go?


    PS Jess I'll get you a chocolate bunny for easter.

  2. hey hun! cannot wait to see you tomorrow! Yippeeeeeeeeee! don'y forget your resume tools!

    Love ya
    Miss Mon

  3. hey Jess, just wanted to thank you for coming to visit me this weekend! Super fun! I also love my room spray! To all those reading, Jess is the best house guest ever, low maintenance, and she brings chocolate, and nice smelling things!!

    Hope the bus ride how was awesome.

    ps. I know I am using the blog as a message board again!
    pps. You should have seen us sing Karaoke this weekend! lol hottness, ;)

  4. The irony in that being how we probably will see the hotness that is pictures of monique and Jess singing...

  5. Actually doing karaoke and singing a love song to your girlfriend scores major points. I know. I've done it.