Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brie's 21st Birthday @ The Madison

Last night, we went out to celebrate Brie's 21st Birthday.

Wait, something's wrong with this post. It's missing something. But what?

Oh yah, the obligatory pre-bar picture I always take of myself! (This picture is necessary to compensate for all the other atrocious facial expressions I'm sure to make later in the night.)

We went to the Madison, where we were all immediatly overwhelmed by the amount of heterosexual guys in one location. (Keep in mind the other girls are in fashion, and we all go to Ryerson, and live two blocks away from the 2nd largest gay district in North Amercia. Heterosexual males are a rarity in our lives.)

The one thing I can't figure out is that if the Madison is a well-known meat-market full of heterosexual guys, why would heterosexual guys want to go there? The math just doesn't work out. (The prevelance of straight guys also resulted in me having to be a bitch to some guy named Rob, and him not taking the hint. But I'm saving that rant for later this week.)

The birthday girl and me.

Sasha looked incrediably short sitting next to Mat.

Mat doing a little striptease.

The China family (minus Katrina, who was in Ottawa for the weekend): Brie, Court, me and Sasha.

Little known fact: Mat and I coordinated our hair-dos before we left the house.

Natty and Julia (Mark's roomates).

The tables were definitely not designed for Sasha.

(I can't recall why I was twirling my hair on my finger. I assure you though, that this is not something I would do on a regular basis. I'm more of a batting my eyelashes kind of girl.)


"Mark, I need to tell you something unfortunate about beards."

"What Jess?"

"[content censored]"

"Yah, I told you it's rather unfortunate." (My favourite thing ever about this picture is Mat's facial expression in the background. He's all like, "Yah, I could have warned you that that's an unfortunate thing about beards.")

Brie decided to pull a Jess and take a picture of herself in a public venue. Unfortunatly, she wasn't quite as adept at executing it.

And while I pride myself on being a pro at taking pictures of myself in public places, I also failed in the task at hand.

Instead, Mark and I decided to play a rousing game of "Get Off That Thing." (For a full set of rules and history of the game, please refer to Mark's blog and click on his March archives. Also keep your eyes peeled for his critique of last night's game's technique.)

We laughed hysterically when this guy tried to join our game of "Get Off That Thing" (the Official Game of Cool Kids Everywhere, according to Mark) and was promptly kicked out of the bar. [insert foreshadowing here]

A group shot.

One word for Mat and Court: Inappropriate. Okay, actually three words: inappropriate and uncalled for!

Jess, Natty, girl whose name I can't remember, and Julia.

And of course, more inappropriate behaviour from Brie, Court and Mat in the background.

Apparently the things I say confuse Mark:

The same look, January 2005. . .

. . .and December 2005.

This guy was all too happy to be a participant in "Get Off That Thing."

Court and Mat were headed home, but wanted to play one last round before they left the bar. This pose in particular in incrediable, because both Brie and I are acting as Player #2 and telling them to "Get Off That Thing!"

At this point in the night, we decided we were sick of the Madison, and agreed that whenever Sasha and the other girls returned, we would head to another bar. I went to get some water while we waited.

When I returned, there was a bouncer was standing menancingly over Brie and Mark. "We have to leave," they told me.

"What? Why!?" I was confused.

"We'll tell you once we get outside," the told me in hushed voices.

I felt guilty. Was it my fault? Did they kick us out of the bar because I insisted upon playing numerous rounds of Get Off That Thing?

As it turns out, I had nothing to do with it. (Which is a first!) On Brie's own birthday celebration, she got us kicked out of the bar for the worst reason possible. While I was getting water, Brie and Mark grabbed my camera from my bag, and proceeded to take pictures down Brie's shirt.

Which looked something like this. (We think this is cleavage, although we're not entirely certain.)
The bouncer came over and said, "You can send that home to your Mom." We all agreed that Brie's mom would be really confused by this picture, though.

The management of the Madison wasn't too impressed, and told us we had to leave.

"What the hell? For all the reasons we could have been kicked out of the bar tonight, we were kicked out for that?!"

"We'll show them!"

When we got home, there was still time for one last roung of "Get Off That Thing!"


  1. See, you can take pictures of boobies and play 'get off that thing' at the strat, and nobody cares, as long as you keep buying beer. I once puked at the Strat right in front of the front door security and they did nothing... Its a lovely place...

  2. yaaaaaaaaaay for pictures.

  3. Jessica,

    You have over 40 photos in a single post. I like to read about what you are up to, but it's annoying to look at so many photos, not to mention the time it takes to actually load your blog. In conclusion, I think you should consider the whole quality over quantity thing. Less is more and that sort of thing.

    Also, I love you.