Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ain't had no lovin', since you've been gone. . .*

1:26 AM

It's day one of the yet-un-aptly named Alberta roadtrip. Except, we're still in Toronto.

Brie is packing, Mark is making us mix CDs (with the daunting task of trying to not overlap with music that I already put on the 7 CDs I made today) and I'm about to jump in the shower. Courtney is presumably still at Mat's, hunched over a sewing machine, ripping out stitches, and probably using language not fit for a proper lady in an effort to get her outfits done for the Toronto Wildlife Fashion Show before we leave.

When Brie and I booked our flights 6 weeks ago, we did so with the idea in mind that getting into Calgary at 9 a.m. Mountain Standard Time would allow us the entire day of fun-filled Western Canadian activities. "The early flight? You're brave," the friendly WestJet agent commented when I booked the flights. It didn't occur to me what she was talking about until we did the math (which, as most of your know, isn't my strong suit) and realized that we have to catch a cab to the airport around 4:30 a.m. in order to make our flight.

Needless to say, once we get to Calgary, the only fun-filled activity we'll be doing tomorrow will involve a mid-day nap.

2:12 AM

I feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm not going to make it until 4:30. Does it count as a nap if it happens in the middle of the night?

4:09 AM

It turns out that it doesn't count as a nap if you don't manage to fall asleep at all and instead you just toss and turn for two hours straight. Awesome.

Brie just crawled out of bed looking well rested after her solid hour of sleep, and Court's not here yet. I have a feeling this will be an interesting sleep-deprived trip.

T minus 30 minutes until go time.**

*Oh, c'mon now. This is just obvious. And kind of embodies my usual Alberta vs. Toronto experience. But that's another story.
**I'll be updating sporadically from the home front when I get the chance. And of course, I'll probably have the largest photo post in this blog's history when I get back to Toronto.


  1. its not a roadtrip if you go in the airplane. i call your trip...journey back and then back.

  2. Whatever Calvin's gonna call your trip I hope that you guys have fun. Dont walk in the muck if you can avoid it.


  3. It IS a roadtrip. We'll be spending roughly 22 hours driving across the province. If that's not a road trip, i don't know what is.