Thursday, March 09, 2006

You can't hide from genetics.

Wednesday night at home.

The token glass of red wine.

Glasses pushed to the end of my nose. Slippers on.

A book read sheerly for pleasure, rather than for school. ("War Without End: Israelis, Palestinians, and the Struggle for a Promised Land.")

It's past midnight.

When did I turn into my mom?


  1. Its not that your turning into your mom, you've just don't have your own habit. So you gotta create or find a habit thats you and wont turn you into your mother.

    I had a comment to replace this one. But I couldn't decide if it would offend you or not though. So you got this.

    Oh thanks for stopping by. I'll try stopping by next week and sport whatever jacket I end up getting... speaking of that I need to call my mother.


  2. Jess! Are you super busy next week? I am asking as I may be coming to Toronto for a day or 2. Marc is in town doing some course thing. Not sure what day it would be. Mabye Saturday. Let me know.
    Freaking strike has me bored to bits. But I am blogging again :)

  3. Mon, I'm always busy these days. Actually, I'm busy until April 7th. But I would still love to see you. I'd make time to see you. Message me online.