Friday, March 17, 2006

Max Galactic @ The Horseshoe

I've been feeling overwhelmed by school, so I can up with a 3-step plan to improve my mood:

Step One: Get my hair done. (Yes, I'm a girl. Wanna fight about it?)

Step Two: Spend my money on books* instead of groceries. (Who needs to eat? I mean, really?)

Step Three: Pretend I'm Irish, and create a 3-day holiday weekend for myself.

Alice calls her bed "the sandbox."

It comfortably seats six.



Alice almost gave up halfway through the night, even before we got out the door.

I conned her out with my charm and natural good looks, though.

Denise, and one of the other Australian exchange students (your name is slipping my mind! Sorry!), who also doesn't quite understand myspace. (I refuse to get a myspace account. I feel like an anomaly of some sort. But I don't like the limitations of trying to talk about myself in 500 characters or less.)

Scott and I.

Alice, trying to hide, again.

In between taking pictures, I had this fascinating discussion with the cab driver about seat belt legislation. (According to Scott, tons of people get killed in cabs. I disagree, although statistically speaking, I'm probably incrediably wrong about this.) Anyways, I found out that cops can pull over cabs and ticket passengers for not wearing seat belts. Not that this ever happens, but, it's still interesting.

We went to the Horseshoe Tavern to check out Andy's band, Max Galactic and the somethingorother. (Yah, obviously, not their band name, but I can never remember the whole thing.)

Charles and I.

Andy, Charles and I. (I love Jesus references, by the way. Yesterday I told my hair dresser that I only date guys who look like Jesus. She was appalled and I had to clarify that I was totally joking.)

Alice and the Aussies bailed early, but when I went back inside from saying goodbye, Nando was there.

And he brought this kid, Giu, who took all the following pictures. (One of my favourite points of the evening was when Giu, completely out of context and for seemingly no reason, showed me the tattoo he has between his shoulder of a pair of barber's scissors. It's a good thing I'm a big fan of the random.)

Andy's band was fantastic.

The End.

*The Toronto Public Library system distrusts Albertans, or something, and I haven't been able to convince them to give me a library card yet. Plus, I really like owning books, for some reason.


  1. Your loss... I'm Jesus' fucking twin!

    ...I have a potty mouth

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    The stat that I was telling you was not that lots of people are killed in cabs.

    Its that I have nearly been killed in cabs lots of times.

    I am the one with the problems.