Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lists for Saturday

Things that I hate today:

1. The fact that the draft of my feature article is due on Thursday, but I still need to conduct 7 interviews between now and then, and then write it. (Easy, right? I have a whole week? Well, I work all day Monday and Tuesday, have class all day Wednesday, and then. . .it's due).

2. Somewhere in between work, class, interviews and writing, I have to take my computer to be fixed. This is the second time this year my computer has had to be fixed.

3. I haven't showered since Wednesday morning.

4. I got up at 8 a.m. on my official sleep-in day, to go to First Aid (I need to re-certify to go to Vanuatu). I spent all day breathing into plastic dummies and pretending to care about choking babies, passed the course, and then came home to read through my paperwork and find out that it wasn't applicable because it wasn't a Red Cross course.

5. I stayed in last night, and forewent not one, but TWO keg parties because I had to get up early this morning to go to the pointless First Aid course.

6. My credit card bill was an undisclosed 4-digit figure. However, I still need to pay for my First Aid and my computer, which I will likely also put on my credit card.

7. Alice, who is supposed to coming to Mstrkrft with me tonight, might not be able to get in because all she has is a Canadian Music Week pass, as opposed to an actual ticket, and the show is sold out. I don't know anyone else who is going.

8. I have a couple of weeks to decide (and then apply for) what stream of journalism I want to do: magazine, newspaper, broadcast or online. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it determines the next two years of my life, and the tuition and living costs that come with that. And I genuinely have no idea what I want to do. (Anyone have any thoughts on this? Advice?)

Things I Love Today:

1. My vanity, greasy, unwashed hair and all, seems to have remained intact.


  1. I suggest you do the newspaper or the online stream. Your blog is good, but then I could see you offending more people daily with a newspaper article.

    Oh and my hair tops yours. You cant walk into the bathroom and smile because of what you've done to your hair :P


    PS You'll get through this week. It'll all be ok.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    so many concerts, so little money....

    Yup. My credit card balance is dangerously close to yours which is a shame since Ministry, 30 Secdonds to Mars, and a Benny-Benassi/Technotronic double-header are all coming up pretty soon. I can't afford to go see a single one. *sigh*