Saturday, March 18, 2006

I hate lines, but I love Sasha.

I really think the resolution I should have made this year was to not stand in any more line-ups.

The first line we stood in last night was at Mick E. Fynn's. However, after 1/2 hour of freezing in the cold, we decided to ditch. I couldn't leave without my camera (Sarah, who was inside the bar, had borrowed it) and was excessively grumpy, so Katrina valiently took one for the team, jumped the fence, went inside and got my camera for me.

We went to the Imperial Pub, where Sasha conned some guy into buying her this pitcher of beer.

Katrina wasn't feeling it. Sasha was dancing in her chair. I felt really sick and antisocial. The guy in the glasses to the left of Katrina in this picture kept staring at me.

Mark and Brie.

After drinking the free beer, we headed to Ram in the Rye, just so we could stand in another massive line-up in the freezing cold.

While the girls stood in line, Katrina and I went to Dominion to get snacks. Katrina got some sushi.

I really wanted potato wedges to improve my excessively grumpy mood, but they all came packaged with meat. (Speaking of which, I keep dreaming about eating meat. Like, almost every night.)

Katrina and Sasha tried to keep warm while we stood in line.

Finally, after spending half the night in lines, we got into the bar. Adam was there. "I saw you taking pictures in line, and I made this face for you. Look at your pictures tomorrow morning and you'll see!"

Yup, there we go.

Court explaining to Chris the story of how she cut her knuckle off on her sewing shears earlier in the day. (I came home to find her ashen faced, holding a bloody tissue to her hand. "What did you do?" I asked. "I cut my finger," she pouted. I looked at her shears to discover that a huge chunk of her knuckle was still on them. It was gross. The End.)

Brent once told Court and I that we are "like a pair of socks" and that one of us is never seen without the other.

My mood was gradually starting to improve (I had felt pretty sick earlier in the night) and the fact that Jack was actually using a pay phone made me happier.

When was the last time you actually saw someone using a pay phone? At a bar, no less?

Troy was the man of the night, getting us past the massive line-up at the bar for beer.

Troy and Court.

Sasha and her cousin, Robbie.

Sasha's pitcher of beer, which is solely responsible for the following pictures:

We took a cab home, because we knew she wouldn't make it under any other condition.

And I tried to get a picture of her looking really trashed.

But everytime I pressed the shutter button, she miraculously managed to look somewhat, well, still holding herself together.

But when we got home, she couldn't hide her lack of sobriety any longer.

The stairs were a challenge for her.

(To say the least.)

Sasha triumphantly conquered them at last, though.

Then she made herself some popcorn.

Which she burnt.

How funny is this?

It was so funny that in the process of laughing at Sasha, I knocked over a huge glass of water.

Seriously though, the bottom line is that I hate lines.


  1. Lines do suck. I was in line at Fynns for 45 mintues. I was dissappointed that you guys weren't there. But it looked like you guys had a good night. I just wanna take a nap... but I gotta study though... ugh.


  2. I actually only had an okay night. Nothing really happened, and I felt pretty awful for the first half of the night. Plus, we spent most of our night standing in line.