Saturday, March 11, 2006

everything's coming up rosy and grey

Last night, after a party at some random guys house, I became drunk and inappropriate.

So we had to head to the bar.

Sasha with our new friends Katie and Heather on the way to El Mocambo.

I also tried to make friends with the cab driver, but he wasn't very conversational, and seemed eager to have me out of his front seat.

Denise and Sasha.

Even though heading down to the El Mocambo was a spur of the moment plan, everyone seemed to be there. Including Richard.

And Kevin (the red-headed guy in the back, last featured on the blog in November). I also ran into Avery who was pleased to see that I had brought my camera out with me. (The last time I went out with Avery, which was in December, I think, I had decided to abstain from taking pictures, because I didn't want to carry my purse which contains my camera. That whole decision was a poor idea to say the least.)

I know I often do indecent things for drinks, but at least I know I haven't reached the point of trying to fish a twoonie out of the toliet like this random girl. (Okay, I admit it, I egged her on. I told her it was like a reward for using that particular bathroom. She seemed to agree with my logic.)

Scott, Denise and Heather.

Alice (centre) was the organizer of the whole night. She made me share her bottle of wine so she wouldn't drink an entire bottle. I made her share my bottle of wine so I wouldn't drink an entire bottle. It worked out well, because we both only drank two half bottles of wine in the end.

Do you ever have one of those nights you just feel completely at peace with yourself and where you are? One of the nights when you stop wondering how you ended up there, and just enjoy it?

Since it was gorgeous out today, Sasha and I tried to navigate our way through the hoards of people on Queen St. to pick up her fish from Mark's place.

Schizy was originally mine (I bought him a year and half ago to get over my fear of fish) but when I returned back from Alberta in the fall, I realized that Sasha and Schizy had developped quite the strong bond, so I let her keep him.

That, and maybe I'm still a little bit afraid.

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Ohh Schizy the fishie.. I am gonna miss that little guy.
    I think he is a really pretty.. no not pretty.. handsome fish! hahaha