Friday, March 03, 2006

the dish ran away with some other spoon

I just had a brilliant thought:

Since 2006: Year of the Rash is proving to be a completely ridiculous idea, I've decided that it needs to be replaced with a more appealing, equally ridiculous resolution, devoid of rashes.

Let me introduce 2006: Spoon Without Sex, in which I see how many random guys I can bring back to my place from the bar/concert/supermarket to just spoon with me without any sexual activity occurring! Sometimes, my own brilliance baffles me.

On that note (the note being the one about how brilliant I am, of course), check out Mark's blog tonight. I particularly like the subject line: "it's what we're all thinking."
Also take note of the "why I woke up this morning" section on my links bar. Now you can be a music snob too!


  1. I am thoroughly confused by the Bishop Allen "Eve of Destruction" tune. Is it a remake? A remix? A tribute? Some songs are best left unaltered, IMHO. This is dangerously close to "remaking" a Dylan tune. Decent song, mind you -- just a bad serving of sacred cow.

    Believe it or not, the first time I spent the night my Mrs, we spooned without sex. It was at a big hippie festival in Yellow Springs, Ohio and we were sharing a tent. I was on my best behavior and tried to be the gentleman that my mama raised me to be. We were married 6 years later. There's power in sexless spooning, I tells ya! Use it with extreme caution!

  2. Hmm, I'm not too sure about the Bishop Allen song. I've only just started listening to them (him?) this week. (Oh, the downfall of digital music and peer-sharing! Mass downloads result in devaluing what you are listening to.)

    I'm a huge fan of the sexless spoon. Plus, I think very few guys get the opportunity to be the little spoon. But I'm willing to be the big spoon. Some argue that the sheer dynamics of body size prevent this, but I beg to differ.

  3. your so far behind jess. i have been doing this since the start of the 06. except i have only found one willing spooning partner. and her name has since changed from kelly to kelspoon.

    however, since were on the same level, this shall now be a competition. and (you're) going to lose!

  4. If she has a name, she's not a random. Therefore, there's no challenge.

  5. Anonymous11:49 PM


    and weird

  6. I'm with Ryan on this one. He's been pulling this since last year (well before jan 1st anyway). Way behind the times.