Thursday, March 23, 2006

Country Alien, City Alien

I imagine there's probably two different basic schools of thought when you are the commander of an alien spacecraft:**

1) To Fly Your Ship Over Rural Areas

PROS: There are less people to spot you

CONS: There aren't very many interesting things to look at in rural areas (which probably results in lots of cows being mutilated out of boredom) and you are more visible because of the reduced lights.

2) To Fly Your Ship Over Urban Areas

PROS: More interesting things to look at and investigate, your ship is less visible because of all the lights and the chance to blend in with airplanes

CONS: There are more people to spot you, you may get in the way of airplanes

After examining the evidence and weighing the pros and cons carefully, it's beyond me why most commanders of alien spaceships opt to fly their ships over rural areas. Or maybe more UFOs are spotted in rural areas, when really they are more prevelant in city areas, we just don't notice them?

Personally, I know that if I was the commander of an alien spacecraft, it'd be a pretty tough call to make.

*Speaking of "Country Mouse, City Mouse" we have mice in our house. Just thought I'd let y'all know.

**I think the most disturbing thing about this post is that I just woke up, and this is the first thing that popped into my head and perplexed me. It's especially absurd considering I'm not an alien fantatic, nor do I ever think about extraterrestrial life, well, ever. I don't really believe in aliens, although I think it would be ridiculous to presume we are the only life in the universe. (On that note, does the microbiotic bacteria that they found on Mars, or wherever they found it, count as an alien life form? I think it does.)

Although, I did see a UFO once. But that's another story.


  1. Ive seen a UFO. Briefly. But you forget the crop circles. Cant make those in the city!

    Kill the mouse and leave it out for a day or two to show the other mice what happens in China. Or take it as a pet. your call.

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    how can you actually be sure that the mouse is in fact a mouse, and not the commander of an alien spacecraft who morphed into the physical identity of a mouse, flew over an urban area, and decided to bunk in with the girls from China for a small while? you know, for a little interstellar research on, let's say, people who write about alien and mouse related topics on their blog? it could happen, you know......


  3. i saw a ufo once
    i was in the country

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The answer is 42!!

  5. As usual, my brother is correct. Lol!