Tuesday, March 14, 2006

'breaking news' this, Joyce!*

4:30 pm

Come home from school/work in a bad mood. Put on my pirate t-shirt to cheer myself up, and spend the next 1/2 hour dancing around to Lyrics Born and Lupe Fiasco to cheer myself up.

5:12 pm

Decide that my quality of life would be improved substantially if I had gold fronts. (If I've learned anything living in Toronto, it's that bling is the answer to everything!)

5:15 pm

Batteries die from taking too many pictures of myself. Contemplate getting a bottle of wine to get me through the night of writing. Go make myself a veggie burger instead.

5:45 pm

Discover that 10K gold grills with diamond fangs are $350.00 American (courtesy of www.mrbling.com).

5:57 pm

Abuse Craig's List. Again.
http://toronto.craigslist.org/w4m/141925979.html (Click to read my ad).

6:06 pm

I wish Andrew would have kids so that I could be an awesome auntie. I would take my nieces and nephews to concerts and make them wear those awesome kid headphones and then I'd flash my gold grill to get us backstage.


Realize that there are several logistical problems with the above plan. 1) Andrew doesn't have a girlfriend and b) I don't have a gold grill.

7:03 pm

The name brand of the company that makes coin rollers is "coin-tainer." This amuses me.

7:22 pm

"Your posting has been removed by the craigslist community. Several craigslist readers flagged it. . ."

WHAT!? Craig's List just broke my heart. I can advertise looking for men with beards, but not for guys who are willing to buy me gold fronts in exchange for sexual favours? Where's the democracy in that?!

10:11 pm

I called my mom for the first time in 3 weeks. She asked me if I was applying for internships. I answered her question by spending a solid 7 minutes talking about men's facial hair. (Y'know, as opposed to women's facial hair. Aren't you glad I clarified that?) She grew irate and I soothed her nerves by launching into a conversation about Margaret Atwood.

10:17 pm

i feel nostalgia for things i've never known. . . says:
I'd be like, "let me backstage" and they'd laugh, then I'd flash the grill, and they'd laugh in an entirely different way and let me in. I'm not even joking. It would totally work. I'm so brilliant, it hurts.

aSHLEy - "if you want clean fun go fly a kite." says:
it's a small price to pay for the enjoyment of getting into concerts.
hahahaa!! it totally would work!

i feel nostalgia for things i've never known. . . says:
I know you want a gold grill now.

aSHLEy - "if you want clean fun go fly a kite." says:
it's true. you know how hot that thing will make you? i'm tingling at the thought of how hot you're gonna look.
but for serious, no musician is gonna turn down a white girl with a grill.

11:54 pm

I wish I was at SXSW right now. . .

12:04 pm

. . .or going to Coachella this year.

More to come. . .

*Putting my "online journalism skills" to solid use.


  1. is that what you picked?
    online journalism?

  2. Nope, I'm still undecided. This whole post was actually mocking this journalism assignment that our instructor, Joyce, gave us.

    Today, I'm leaning towards broadcast because I don't want to waste my pretty face.

  3. The lines between broadcast and online are becoming increasingly blurred. Television is a dying medium -- much like newspaper.

  4. I totally agree. The fact of the matter is, once I'm done school, if I stick with the journalism thing, I will probably be working in all of possible journalistic mediums. My degree won't limit me, because there is too much convergence occurring right now.

    I guess it's just such a big decision because it affects what kind of an internship and masthead project I'll do, what technical skills (if any) that I'll learn, and what classes I'll take.

    Right now, I'm toying with the idea of taking broadcast, and then streaming into online in my 4th year.

  5. Pirates rule all.

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    How about posting your Craigs List entry here so we can have a chuckle. They probably thought you were serious, whereas we all know that as a sweet honourable Alberta girl you were just being tongue-in-cheeky.

  7. Hmmm, sadly I can't remember what it said!

  8. Pirates do rule. I had something to say, but now its gone.