Saturday, March 25, 2006

Breaking the Dave Cave Hiatus

It's incrediably hard being the star of a CD-ROM that is going to be distributed to roughly 7,000 new students at Ryerson with their orientation packages. (I actually mean this in complete sincerity. I was exhausted after spending all day yesterday regurgitating the same lines, all of which ended with an exclaimation mark.)

So I made myself a rye and coke. I was grumpy and had no intentions of going out. I tried to convince myself that staying home was the sensible option, and asked myself, "C'mon Jess, do you really think that the nightlife in Toronto can't survive without you?"

Well, it probably will. But I'm always sure that if I don't leave the house, something exciting will happen in my absence.

So I went to the store to get some Red Bull, which I have only ever had once before. I'm not a huge fan.

After drinking some more rye and the Red Bull, I took a surplus of pictures of myself.

And of Katrina, who demonstrated all the ways she posed nude in Richard's studio yesterday.

I took a brief break from taking pictures of myself for a short session of arts and crafts.

Because I really don't trust myself.

Katrina and her friend Caitlin.

First, we went to the Velvet Underground, where the bouncer took his job way too seriously. "How many drinks have you had?" he grilled Katrina, "I'm going to have to talk to my supervisor before I left you in." (The ridiculous part was that Katrina wasn't drunk.)

I quickly got annoyed with the DJ and his erratic choices, so we jumped into a cab.

We couldn't figure out why our cab driver wouldn't let us take pictures of him.

That is until Katrina noticed something odd. "Hey, why don't you have your picture and your cab registration on display? Isn't that illegal?"

He seemed more than happy to drop us off at Dance Cave. Caitlin got on the phone with one of her friends, and tried to convince him to come out, by telling him who was out, most of whom were fictional people.

"Everyone's here! Andrew's here, Katrina's here, Jess is here! Uh, Bobbi Sue is here! Ummm....Guido is here!"

". . .and, uh, what's your name?"


"Chris is here! I'll let you talk to Chris!"

Even though our new friend Chris already had a stamp to get in, he seemed all too willing to wait outside in the line with us. I have no idea why though.

Caitlin and I.

In my two-month long absence, it seems like I haven't missed much at Dance Cave. Although, apparently they finally got their November issue of Spin, because they're now playing Tom Vek. I'm glad that they got that memo. (Or maybe they just watched the O.C. two weeks ago. Either way, I'm annoyed. . .and probably a bit of a music snob.)

Chris, Katrina and I.

While we were there, I spotted Roger who hosts Scrabble in the City.

Caitlin with Chris, and another one of our new friends, whom I'm going to call Peter, because I don't remember his name.

Erica, Elizabeth and Kat.

Erica and Elizabeth.

At this point in the evening, I hadn't seen Katrina and Caitlin in nearly an hour. I thought there might be a chance that they were still at the bar, so I decided to tough it out by myself until they reappeared. I quickly made new friends:Laura and Matt.

Laura said, "Your friends aren't here? That's okay, we'll adopt you!"

I'm not sure if they decided to adopt me because they liked me, or if they just felt bad for me.

They even shared their flask with me. (I'm the luckiest orphan ever!)

A really creepy looking Roger.

Peter, and another new friend, who we'll call Elijah.

Laura is actually an RTA student at Ryerson, so we share the same building at school. I'm sure I'll bump into her again.

Laura, Matt, Roger and I parted ways early in the morning. I was grateful that I made new friends so quickly.

With no money in my pocket, and left alone, I wasn't sure what to do. So I went to Brunswick. They didn't answer the door. I was taking pictures of myself being sad on their porch while I planned my next move, when I heard this voice ask, "What are you doing?!"

Brendan answered the door in his bathrobe. He got dressed, but within 5 minutes told me, "I'm slightly drunk, and have to meet my Dad tomorrow. I'm so sorry, but I have to crash."

Pierre entertained me for five minutes though, while I dumped out the contents of my purse, looking for streetcar change.

I ended up walking down to College, but as per usual, there were no streetcars in sight, so I walked the majority of the way home alone, again, in a short skirt and knee high boots. (A winning combination for walking by yourself in the middle of the night, really.)

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so stubborn.


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    this is an excellent story with a perfectly established beginning, middle and end.

    and it features me! which makes it tones better. matty too.
    and i think elija is a perfect name for him. i don't remember any of their names.

    we adopted you mostly cause we liked you. partly because no one should be alone at dance cave. but mostly liking you.

    wow, longest and most useless comment ever. linking some photos to my LJ, that's cool?
    see you around the RCC.

  2. Red Bull = liquid sweet-tarts = nasty shit!!