Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tumbleweeds and gay men, oh my!

Monique and I just returned home from the movie theatre. Since my eyelashes have officially unthawed from the walk back (I'm in Ottawa, which is cold, but still has nothing on Cold Lake) I feel it's necessary to write a quick blog before I bunker down for the night.

Monique and Jess' Brokeback Mountain Movie Review:

"We laughed (inappropriately when a tumbleweed blew through the background of a particularly emotional scene featuring Heath Ledger), we cried (but only during the opening 30 seconds before the characters were even introduced, because the scene was of the Alberta prairies and we mutually miss home), but mostly, we just felt like falling asleep."

Remember kids- just because a movie is controversial, doesn't mean it's good.

Is it wrong that I was happy when Jack died, because I knew it meant the movie would be over soon?


  1. You so have the right to be happy. Because I knew the movie would be bad and you shouldn't have to waste time or money at a shitty movie.


  2. fuck you 'cause you ruined the movie for me, but un-fuck you 'cause i'm drunk and i'm never going to watch that movie

  3. hahaha sorry 'bout the intoxicomment jess