Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My ovaries love beer.

Is it strange that I keep thinking that throwing a kegger is the ultimate act of gender equality? My ovaries won't stop me from loving beer (and charging over $800.00 to my credit card in the process)!

Speaking of which, my credit card is officially frozen.

And when I say frozen, I mean that in the most literal sense possible. Last night, I came home, dropped my credit card in a plastic baggie, filled it with water, and threw it in the freezer.

Conveniently, it now doubles as an icepack for my most-likely broken and still-swollen toe!

This kegger is either the most brilliant idea* I've ever had, or a disaster waiting to happen. I don't think there's a happy medium on this one.

*Is there something ethically wrong about the fact I wanted to throw a kegger in order to raise funds to go overseas and do volunteer work? Something just seems askew about the whole deal. Then again, I once knew a group of guys who threw keggers and then would send all the money to their sponsor child. If you're interested at all in what I'm doing in Vanuatu, check out


  1. Wow, that is awesome jess. Is there anyway i can make a considerable donation. The only hook is that you have to take me. I was just recently in Fiji as you know. I went to Nadi. We ended up going on a week long trip to the Yasawas which is a group of islands of the coast of Nadi.

    The trip took us to different villages in the island chain. It was amazing to see how simple their lives are. And a huge sense of community that they have. Its so drastically different than here. Everything is done for the better good of the village. Nothing is done for ones self. It made me realise how selfish we are here and how we just look out for ourselves. Its really sad.

    I ended up having a conversation with a young man about the same age as me. And he dreamed to one day go to Canada or the US. I told him that what he has here is so much better than what we have. I would trade all of my modern material possesions in a heartbeat to live the life they do. It also makes you realise how fortunate we are here. They barely have grade 6 math skills.

    If you end up going, you will have a fantastic time. Fijian people are some of the most friendly, warm, beautfiul people in the world. They love showing and sharing their culture with you. They will literally invite you into their home and share whatever is their's with you.

    Just make sure you let it be known that you are canadian. They have a soft spot for canadians. And they treat you alot differently if they think you are american. Still nice, but they charge you more cuz they think you have lots of cash. And try the Kava. It tastes a little disgusting but its an important part of their culture and they love when you get into it and have a good time.

    Good luck, i hope that you make it there!

  2. Long reply, but well worth it.

    But regardless where you go, visiting another culture is always an excellent way to learn about yourself. I've been to Spain, I know its a modern country, but the society there compared to here is quite different.

    I'd love to do some travelling again. Once I get some more money I'll go to umm... havent decided quite yet.


  3. An $800 keg? What in the world are you drinking? I remember throwing down $30 for a keg of shitty beer in college. We used to dig through the couch cushions to get enough for our parties. $800 is just plain ole highway robbery!

    I thoroughly agree with Cap Oats. Kava is nectar of the gods! It makes ya feel all tingly like! Highly recommend it!

    Very cool program you're volunteering with. We expect frequent (as frequent as is possible) updates and photos!

  4. I don't know anything about the rest of the world, so I'll stick to the important issue here, that being beer. Unless that keg comes with a $500 rebate attached, something's seriously wrong. Yea...

  5. About the keg prices:

    The kegs themselves cost $600 (for four kegs) the rest was deposit. It is partially so expensive because the liquor and beer in Ontario is operated by the government, so its taxed heavily.

    It sucks, I know.

  6. $600 for 4 kegs sounds logical.