Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Endings

Disclaimer: I posted every single one of my pictures from New York. There are a lot. I also wrote half-ass captions. But, if you want, here they are to enjoy in their entirety.

When I left for New York, it had been a long week at school. I really needed the vacation.


After a night out on the town (after a 16-hour train ride), Chloe and I awoke in the morning to see David Berry waiting for us at the front desk. We went out for a long walk in Central Park.

West Side! (West Side Central Park).

Dave and Sean John in Times Square.

Adam (from Tennessee) telling Chloe, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world." However, when we made Adam play Scrabble with us, and Chloe played GOOP, he insisted it wasn't a word, and told her she couldn't make up words, even if she is "so darn cute." Adam also told me I was the second most prettiest girl in the whole world.

David was the third.

Tony was an employee at the hostel, originally from Egypt.

Adam, Chloe and I, on the subway on the way to Brooklyn.

Chloe and I.

Luca and I. (Luca is from Italy and doing an internship in New York right now).

Luca, myself and Tyler. (Tyler is from Massachussetts, and started working at the hostel while we were staying there. He shared a room with us, and wore his shoes to bed. Chloe offered him consolation cookies in the morning.)

We Are Wolves.

Lorenzo (also from Italy, he is a student in New York and plans on living with Luca) and Chloe.

A new friend Chloe and I made on the subway.

This was our favourite subway station.


Chloe conned me out of bed early Sunday morning with promises of coffee and Scrabble.

She won.

Later in the day, we went for a long walk through Central Park.

Then we hopped on the subway and went down to the Pier.

Dave was waiting for us at the hostel when we got back. Even though we were exhausted, we decided to go out for President's Day. (Edit: Chloe wants me to clarify that President's Day was on Monday. Regardless, we went on Sunday night because the next day was a holiday). Mainly because the pub up the street was named "Ding Dong."

And we weren't going to pass up the opportunity to say we went to a place called Ding Dong.

Tony came out with us too.

The thing about peeing is that it can get really boring. (I'm trying to justify taking pictures of myself while urinating.)


We decided to start the week with cupcakes at the famous Magnolia Bakery. (As featured in the SNL "Narnia Rap" skit).

Waiting in line was worth it.

Dave prepares to take the first bite.

They were delicious.

Wall Street.

Waiting for the Staten Island Ferry. Chloe couldn't handle any more cupcakes.

We spent the night hanging out at the hostel.


In the afternoon, we stood in line to get Broadway tickets.

Then we went for Italian food, bummed around Greenwich, and went out for coffee.

Times Square at night.

The Producers was hysterical.

These signs are all over New York. Apparently they have a choking problem there.

Even though Luca had to worked the next morning, we convinced him to come out with us.

John (who is from Vancouver, but currently lives in Toronto) and Chloe.


The United Nations.

We're tourists. Can you tell?
Emily (from Toronto, another Ryerson student, who I stood in line for at a bar once and randomly recognized...check out my January entries and see if you can spot Emily), Chloe and Zach (from Australia, who stopped in New York on his way to South America).

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

That night we practiced the fine art of subway surfing.

After dinner, we went to CBGBs.

Dave, Emily, Chloe, Meagan (another Australian who was headed to Ohio for an internship), and Zach.

The Teeth!

It was definitely one of those nights.

We ended up at this bar that used to a strip club. It was called Happy Endings.

Dave and Emily.

Chloe and I high-fiving one another after we successfully busted into the basement and started doing shots of tequila. It was one of those nights.


On my last night in New York, I decided to stay up all night, instead of getting up at 5 am to catch my train. Meagan, Zach and Chloe kept me company and we went back down to Greenwich. Chloe and I have an affinity for gnomes these days.

The Aussies insisted that we go to New York's token Aussie pub.

Meagan, Chloe and I.

I slept the whole way home.


  1. Great blog ! That Tony guy is hot as Hell.

  2. Looks like you had a good trip. Gah. I really need to go to bed...

    Oh I wanna play scrabble against you. Maybe once I get my lazy ass over to scan the kegger photos.


  3. Think of the fun you could have if you brought the owners of "Ding Dongs", "Camel Toe" and "Happy Endings" together for a drink!

    Generally speaking, I hate cities, but New York is always a trip! So much to do and so many crazy people to interact with while doing it! It really is a wonder of the modern world! LA (my new "hometown city") pales in comparison to NYC, that's for damn sure!

    Everytime you visit NYC, you've got to have a "New York Moment". For example, my friend Chris (who works in NYC) just recently told me, "I was in a bodega in Harlem and a dude walked in and said, 'Gimme the usual'. The guy behind the counter handed him 5 Vanilla Blunts and a Welch's grape soda! Only in New York!"

    My other buddy Jim was just in NYC and told me about a one legged guy that NAILED a perfect backflip on a $20 bet. Only in New York!

    And then there was the time that Kieffer Southerland was buying us drinks at the local pub in the midst of a wicked blizzard! Only in New York!

    So what was YOUR New York moment?

    BTW -- where do you all come up with your Scrabble words? "Xu"? "Oxo"? I'm calling shenanigans!!

  4. Funny that you should mention the backflip.
    Chloe is notorious for pulling out flips in bars. But usually, we're in some Irish pub where they are playing AC/DC.
    On Wednesday night at Happy Endings (and the words don't even begin to describe the night and the atmosphere) we were dancing to the hip-hop music with all these guys who were quite obviously regulars. But they welcomed us into their circle, and encouraged us all to dance with them (which is somewhat out of the ordinary in itself).
    Suddenly, Chloe, wearing a skirt and knee high boots, does a flip in the middle of the dance floor. Except, for the first time ever, it was completely in context. The guys went wild!
    They were dissapointed to learn that we were from Canada and that we couldn't hang out with them in the future.

    We also had an erotic crepe making experience, but that's another story.

    As for XU and OXO, they are legitimate Scrabble words according to the NSA (National Scrabble Association).

  5. I'll be damned...I did a Google search on both 'xu' and 'oxo' and they really are "common" Scrabble words despite the fact that they do not exist at Not that I thought you were lying, of course, I'm just a skeptic by nature. You Scrabble folks are a strange lot, I tells ya!

    While I've never personally expereinced erotic crepes, I can see how they could be both phallic and\or yonic depending on the imagination (intoxication?) of the viewer.

    You've got to post a review for the Producers when you get a chance. Mel Brooks on Broadway is as New York as it gets!

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM

    i have a question...was your shirt off when you were taking a piss? that picture confused me...

  7. Was my shirt off? Huh?
    I'm distinctly wearing a pink, brown and gold shirt and a pink scarf.

  8. Anonymous9:11 PM

    well, you're boobs were like "HELLO" in that picture, but in the other pictures, your boobs were like 'hey, what's up?'
    so, i was confused...