Friday, February 17, 2006

Gone, give a damn?

So, somewhere in between the hectic nature of this week and the slowed down pace of tonight, I guess I totally forgot to tell some people* that I'm going to New York.


For a week.

*Sorry if you are one of these people. E-mail me if you want a postcard of forgiveness. Or sexual favours. Although I can't promise I'll provide on the latter. Unless, of course, you have a beard. (And manage to find your way through my gauntlet of other ridiculous and unreasonable expectations.)


  1. I'm smart enough to make it through your list of unreasonable expectations, with ease mind you, however I'm not necessarily important enough to play...

  2. I can't remember if you told me or not. I think you did. But alas I will show up at your place about 5 minutes after your return.

    For the uniformed: I visited Jess over the winter holidays and got there about 5 minutes after she had arrived from Alberta.

    Be cool to pull it off again or get there as she does. Like 5 minutes. Uncanny. And I went there on a whim too!

    Wow this was long


  3. that was supposed to just say fun