Thursday, January 19, 2006

Straw becomes gold.

I imagine that it's much sexier to be a widow than a spinster.

If I was a widow, I'd wear thick, sweet perfume and wander around in darkened rooms clad only in black lingerie.

I actually got engaged this summer. Since Jacob wants to die a tragic death, and I want to become a widow, we've agreed to get married. The ceremony will take place in Tahiti (the purpose of the wedding is also so we all have an excuse to go to a tropical location and party amongst friends) followed by a short honeymoon. Of course, it will come to an abrupt end when Jacob will be attacked and eaten by a shark while surfing, and I will be left to wander dark rooms in black corsets and drink red wine.

If I end of becoming a spinster, I think I'm actually going to revive the art of spinning. It will be Rumplestiltsken-esque in nature. And then, with the thread and fabric that I've created, I'll open up a profitable side business of sewing lingerie for widows to drink wine in.

It all seems very organic and environmentally friendly in nature.


  1. At the risk of sounding psychotic, stalker-like, and not to mention ridiculous... You are absolutely radiant.

  2. James maybe a stalker... watch out for that one.

    Im annoyed with your blog format. The ENTIRE side bar and some posts after the beard confessional is all in italics. very annoying to read.

    yet my msn messages are all in italics, so I shouldn't complain. but still i do.

    Have fun at dinner tonight!