Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Pedestrians @ Free Times Cafe

After our hot date to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Monique and I went down to Union Station to pick up her friend Ryan, and his friend Andrew who decided to come into the city and drink wine with us.

Ryan and Andrew.

We all headed down to the Free Times Cafe to watch the Brunswick boys' band The Pedestrians played. Pierre's band The Hollows also opened up for them.

I was making a valient effort all night to prove that I can, in fact, make normal faces (even attractive faces at that!) in photos. Monique on the other hand, decided that she needed to mock my "seat dancing."

Junior also came out.

As did Courtney and Mat.

And Katrina, who provided us all with licorice root to suck on.

My pictures from the night didn't turn out that well, mainly because I hate to bombard people with flash when they're performing, and I have shaky hands.
A highlight of the night was when Sarah joined the guys on stage for a cover of Sufjan Stevens' Chicago.

Jake, Charles and Pierre.

Charles, Sarah, Andy and Pierre.

It was enjoyable.

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