Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out of context Cold Lake.

After spending my Friday afternoon running errands in the rain by myself, the weekend was ready to begin with Monique's first visit to Toronto.

Monique, like me, randomly decided to move from Calgary to Ottawa to go to cooking school, without even visiting Ontario first. We're impulsive like that. So, anyways, I'm thrilled that she's living so close to me now.

After Monique got into the city, her, Court, and I went to Brent's house for his birthday kegger. Monique and I both went to the same junior high school, so when we saw this on the wall we had to laugh. Mr. Halldorson would have liked it.

Monique and I. (Also featured in this picture: the last normal facial expression I would have all night.)

Court and Junior. We were grateful when Junior showed up, because we didn't really know anyone at the party, and everyone else seemed to be friends already.

Except, strangely, I knew this guy, Greg, who apparently also lives at the house. I met him at Canice's earlier this week. We discussed beards at length. Greg, sadly, has little beard potential.

Junior and I.

Court and Mon immediatly started bonding upon meeting each other. And what I mean by "bonding" is "ganging up on Jess and telling stories about her." I honestly don't think their forces should be combined.

Courtney and the birthday boy, Brent.

In the entire history of the blog, this is hands-down the strangest picture I have ever taken while drunk. In the past year you've seen me stage fake bachelorette parties, kiss Courtney on numerous occassions, and perform random acts of debauchery. This, however, was unprecedented. Why, you ask?

I am giving the peace sign.

Seriously, that's just inappropriate. And worst of all, I have absolutely no explaination for this behaviour.

It will never happen again.

"That's one intense kiss," said Monique today when we were looking at these pictures. My lower lip is getting some serious action.

Brent and I.

Canice's roomate Jack was there. I took it upon myself to introduce myself. I probably also talked to him about beards at length. (I definitely know that I felt the need to tell him that Canice has the kind of friend that wears matching earring and neclace sets. He was shocked by this development.)

Justin (who I admired sheerly for his beard potential) and Jack.

After the party, we went to Pizza Pizza to get pizza. (These captions just write themselves!) We made friends in line who took creepy pictures of us.

And then I dropped my pizza. I'm not going to lie. It was so good that I picked it up off the street, and considered eating it for a brief moment, until I looked up and saw Courtney and Monique simultaneously shaking their heads at me.

Then Monique and I crawled into bed. This picture is unique in two ways:
1) Monique is making a weird face.
2) Monique has serious cleavage.

After we unwrapped our legs, I let Monique be the little spoon, and we passed out.

This morning, I fell in love.

Monique took me to the Hockey Hall of Fame. I played the part of the "reluctant girlfriend" and Monique played the part of my hot date.

However, my reluctance soon turned into enthusiasm when I realized we were going to be the only two single females in a museum full of guys.

Representing Calgary.

This one's for Helka. (The flash covered it up, but it's a Finnish jersey.)'s the Stanley Cup!

Representing Ottawa.

We refused to leave the hall of fame until we found the Oilers display though. We are northern Albertan girls, after all.

After asking several employees for help, we were informed that there was no Oilers display.

So we felt the need to make our own.

The Hockey Hall of Fame never saw it coming.

The onlooking guys in the gift shop didn't seem to mind, though.


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Aw girls I'm so jealous! Wish I could be there with you that would be a blast! Maybe I will have to plan that Toronto trip after all......

  2. great pictures. and how is there no oilers display. thats a disgrace. although i have to admit im a leafs fan. and sometimes being the little spoon is better than the big spoon. just make sure you never run into a knife and have to play knifey spooney. that sucks. reminds me of thing i read on a bed in new zealand.

    Never fight a guy who brings a fork to a knife fight. He's either fucking crazy or really good at killing people with forks.

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    that's cool you found the finnish yersey. ;) makes me smile that the picture was dedicated just to me!