Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My toe is broken.

I know that was an uncreative post title, but I thought I'd get directly to the point.

I went to school at 11:30 today for a doctor's appointment, which was followed by standing in line at the fees office, which was followed by a 4 hour broadcast journalism lecture (with only a 10-minute break), which was followed by 45 minutes of time to pee and refill my water bottle, which was followed by a 2 hour online journalism lecture. I got home at 8:30 pm.

Anyways, I got home, took out the garbage, was ridiculously grumpy and eager to remove my knee high boots which had become a new tropical environment by this point in time.

With the removal of the boots, my second toe swelled to the size of my big toe.

The sad part is, this is a leftover injury from New Year's Eve. Initially, I awoke on January 1st to discover a black and blue swollen big toe. I wasn't able to wear shoes for the next three days, because I couldn't squeeze into them. I wore moccasins instead. The source of the intial injury is still under investigation (although I suspect it is directly correlated with Katherine and her scary heeled boots stomping on my delicate little foot). Regardless, 11 days later, it is undeniable that I am suffering from a major toe injury.*

The even sadder part? I came home after my online journalism lecture with the intention of writing about the forthcoming Canadian election.

And instead, you got to read about my foot issues.

*This same toe was also broken in the Spring of 1995 when I used to English horseback ride. A horse stepped on it, and instead of pushing the horse off of me, I stupidly stood there and screamed instead. When we arrived at the hospital, I was informed that the toe was slightly dislocated, but could not be reset. It is crooked to this day. And now, it's straight. But only because it's swollen.

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