Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Night in China & Election Night in Canada

Monday night at China.

We celebrated Courtney's birthday a day early with a Fuzzy Peach covered cake.

Chloe and I went out for dinner and then played Scrabble. There were no notable high scores in the game, because it was so tight. (Look at the bottom left hand corner. I was throughly impressed when Chloe played "FEN"). I was dissapointed that I was unable to play the one bingo I had early in the game ("COTTONS". If there is an anagram for these letters that I missed, can someone please let me know?)

I still won.

So did the Conservatives. Apparently wearing my green "I Like to Get It On With Boys Who Vote" shirt and rambling about "alternative political parties" all day was ineffectual.

Are you happy now, Alberta? You've waited 12 years for this.


  1. For your sake, I hope the Canadian conservatives aren't anything like the American "conservatives" who aren't, in fact, conservative about anything -- environmental protection, international warfare, civil liberties, strict ahderence to the constitution, the size of government, national debt, alternative energy production, natural resource CONSERVATion, the rule of law, personal autonomy, land management, etc, etc.

    I'm all for alternative political parties as well. I'm trying to run on the Freak Power ticket here in the states. My platform will be -- "The system is irrepairably broken! Fuck hope!" I'm sure I can get plenty of votes with that kind of brutal honesty.

  2. Not a bad message there. Hope it works out for ya down south.

    Ya I got nothin for ya Jess. But nice shirt. Looks good on you.

  3. Rev.,
    Not gonna lie, my knowledge of American political parties is lacking.

    This Canadian election was a huge one, to say the least, though.

    It doesn't really matter though, because I'm a steadfast believer in elitist dictatorships.

    Tonight on the news, they said that the longest a minority government has lasted in Canada was for 3 years and 8 months. That was 50-some odd years ago though.

    Anyone want to hedge any bets on how long Harper's going to last?

  4. Anonymous10:51 PM


    I think that about sums up my thoughts.

    Also, your scrabble board confuses me. I think somebody was cheating.

  5. Harper won't make it past a year.

    how much we puttin in the pot?

  6. Qats is a word. It is a shrub of some sort, and one of the few "q" without "u" words. It is also an acceptable Scrabble play according to the National Scrabble Association.

    Yes, this is completely useless knowledge.

  7. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I was looking at the bottom left corner where there are all sorts of words and letters piled up, but they don't appear to make words in all directions. For example, I don't think "PE" is a word.

  8. PE is a an acceptable Scrabble play. I'm not sure of its exact meaning, but i think it might simply be the spelling of the letter "pe". Trust me, we have a reference sheet for two and three letters words. They are all valid plays. The only really questionable play was "lira" because I think its capitalized. I don't know if its a valid play.

    Aren't you somewhat relieved that you didn't play with me at Christmas now?

  9. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Yee Haw! The Conservatives won! We're celebrating in Alberta, how did you know? Because, I thought you lived in Ontario now. As an Albertan I can finally sleep now that Harper has the vote! Thank God Almighty!