Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Little Word in Your Ear

In purple pen in my agenda, under Saturday it reads:

"Fun night w/Court! +drag show+ hysterical laughing"

We didn't make it to the drag show, but all of the other requirements were met.

Sometimes, when I have a really good outfit on, I like to take pictures of myself. Oh, don't lie- you do it too.

First, we went to Einstein's bar to watch the Brunswick boys (Charles, Andy, Jake and Pierre) aka "The Pedestrians" play. Katrina's shoe, which she had rubber cemented together before we left, promptly fell apart.

So, with the help of Krazy glue, it was time for some arts and crafts at the bar. We're classy girls like that.

Pierre setting stuff up. Or something.

The first one of many pictures of Court and I.

The Pedestrians.

Charles, who is next on the "let's make him pocket-sized" hit list. ("I'd carry him around in my pocket, and make him sing songs to me," said Court, enthralled at the performance.)


Sasha grabbed my camera at this point in time, and gave us directions to do America's Next Top Model-esque poses.

"Be fierce!"

In truth, she was taking pictures of the guy sitting behind us at the bar that she thought was hot.

Pierre, sitting in the dark corner.

Charles, Jake and Andy.

Pierre and Katrina sharing a beer.

Sonja and Sarah came out to watch the show too.

Sadly, we had to leave halfway through the show to get in line to go to Mod Club.

We waited in line in the cold for what seemed like forever. Long enough to sober us up, actually.

We found ways to amuse ourselves though.

Katrina, after she got caught for attempting to lick this guy.

Finally, they let us in.

And we were immediatly surrounded by a little following of guys.

Who apparently took this picture for us.

I have no idea what's going on here. But I really like how the random guy in the background is giving a little smirk for the camera.

But do you know what I don't like? I don't like when guys think that a suitable way to pick a girl up is by performing the classic "ass rape dance" in which they just come up behind you, grab your hips, and start dancing. Seriously, now! That's just inappropriate.

Court and I. Again.

Someone from our little entourage of male suitors that had formed at this point in time, took this picture. We were surrounded on all sides. But Katrina and Sasha were nowhere to be found.

And then Courtney pointed them out. They were in the least expected place.

So, of course, we had to join them.

It turned out that Kash and Sasha were dancing on stage.

Court dancing.

In conclusion, I've successfully avoided Dance Cave for two weekends in row now.


  1. You guys are all pretty.

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM

    your blog lately makes me miss being a cast member.....