Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm itchy.

I've done a terrible thing. I'm at Mark's right now, with Brie, Vanessa, Julia and Victoria, getting ready to go out for the night. But I've done a really terrible thing.

I left the house without my camera.

On purpose.

I also didn't bring my cell phone, my purse, or any other technology. (Not that a purse is technology, persay, but it is pretty high-tech for me, considering I only started carrying one this year.)

All on purpose.

What was I thinking?! What have I done?!


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Cheers all around. What you've done is remarkable. I would love for it to be a law that if someone is in a public place and they are caught yelling into a cell phone about a bunch of nonesense, then they should go to jail for a week.

  2. Your out on the edge, so watch out! Bah I shouldn't be here writing you a message considering I have an exam to prepare for. Ah well. Anyways its nice to change things around a bit. Because do you really need to know exactly what happened last night? Probably not. Well thats a good idea for me in most cases... haha. Anyways off I go!


  3. Cell phones do ruin good times. Without camera though? That's new.

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Jess, I think you should go as Nicole Kidman for New Years Eve. That would be awesome!


  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Don't worry beatch, i was there to pick up your slack: