Sunday, December 11, 2005

I didn't take these pictures.

Back in November (it was so long ago, I can barely remember it) I went out to Dance Cave for Vanessa's Birthday.

Which is apparently the night she met this guy, Avery, who was kind enough to send me a link to his pictures from Friday night.

Before the bar, we discovered the hidden purpose of the random rope at Mark's place. "It came with the apartment," he told us, "along with the Bob Marley poster." (For security reasons, I can't elaborate on the purpose of the rope. You'll just have to use your imaginations.)

Vanessa's delicious ammo, to be loaded in her banana gun.

Mark. (He was rather upset that Brie kissed the duct tape before she put it on his lips.)

At Dance Cave, I ran into the kid who walked me home the night of Vanessa's birthday party. He didn't remember anything about me at all, except for the fact that I'm from Alberta. (This seems to a be a predominant theme in my life. Everything about me seems to summed up for people when they say, "This is Jess. She's from Alberta." This introduction is inevitably followed by a short pause before the new acquaintance responds, "Ohhhhh," as though my Albertan status defines me as a person. I suppose it does explain a lot of things, by Ontario standards.)

I feel like I look so small and young in this picture. Am I that short in real life? I feel like I encompass more space than that.

Avery, Victoria and Vanessa.

I was really sweaty from dancing.

The girls were channeling Corey Hart.

I was really sweaty.

This picture makes them look like the sort of couple that I would pass on the street and instantenously hate for looking so together and happy.

However, I could never hate Vanessa's breasts.

Thanks for the pictures Avery!


  1. Remember when that chickie from the Black Eyed Peas pissed herself on stage, then kept performing as if nothing had happened... then her reps claimed it was just sweat (which if not WAY more digusting, is just as)...

    I'm glad you don't sweat that much. Oh, how creepy that would be...

  2. Sorry, but you are indeed that small, and this picture proves everything I've ever told you about your size. You are just too small for your big personality.


    C'mon, now this is getting excessive.