Friday, December 16, 2005

And then there were two. . .

Scenes like this are probably making the Albertans in the crowd kind of whimsical and wishing that they had snow right now.

And then you remember that snow is cold.

After a long day of trudging through the snow and eating thai food, we decided to head out for a pitcher of beer at Mick E. Fynn's.

Strangely, no one was really there.

Except Courtney and Junior.

And they had fries and beer, which is a pretty big selling point for me.

Court and Junior got into an argument of sorts.

And then Max showed up. I insisted upon stroking his beard and telling him that if you put him in the Green Room and handed him a glass of wine, he would look like he was planning some sort of upsurgal revolution of the people.

Bored with just sitting, we decided to start table dancing, also known as "dancing like you are a parapalegic."

I'm really good at table dancing.

Charles and Sonja showed up too. This is Mick E. Fynn's, after all. I'm sure there's some sort of mathematical formula that dictates after a certain period of time you have to run into all your friends there.

I can't even explain what's going on in this picture.

Or this one.

However, I can acertain that in this picture, Court and I were singing along to a) Guns and Roses b) Bon Jovi or c) AC/DC. (One of the above.)

But then we abandoned the singing in favour of more table dancing.

Junior doesn't carry a hairbrush with him, so he had to use his cell phone as a microphone. Well, I guess they are both "phones." (Haha, that was another knee-slapper, right there.)

Another one of my many talents was revealed- I do a mean impression of the Muppets character Beaker.

Junior's brother Taylor showed up too.

My favourite thing about these pictures is that you can actually see the alcohol working its way through our veins, which is why I posted so many of them.

Taylor just met these two.

Courtney and I felt like we needed to make new friends too. This guy works at homeless shelters when he's not standing all scary like guarding pub doors, which caused Court and her bleeding heart to decide that we needed to not only high-five him, but also take a picture.

We left the bar, and took advantage of the snow to make snow angels. You can tell from this photo that I'm obviously the best at making them. (Sometimes, my talents overwhelm me. But then I remember that my purpose in life is to be this awesome.)

Court got exceedingly jealous of my snow-angel making abilities and attempted to kill two birds with one stone by wrecking my angel and smothering me at the same time. That bitch.

"You bitch! Help me up!"

Aw, that's what friends are for.

After we parted ways with the guys, Court saw the huge park of fresh snow as a mission.

The start of something great.

"Jess! There's not enough snow," Courtney told me. I couldn't make this stuff up.

"There's just not enough snow."

So we borrowed a snowman on the way home.

This is what my hand looks like this morning. Apparently I tried to write myself a note of some sort with a half-dead pen. I wish I knew what it said.


  1. Oh my, what a night. Oddly enough there aren't any pictures of me and you. Oh and Taylor nearly broke down my bedroom door looking for your phonenumber. He thought I had it. I can't wait for my calendar to get in.

  2. Taylor and Court also busted down my door and both jumped into bed with me.

  3. I was a little skeptical about giving a calendar to a fellow named "Junior" but after seeing this post, I declare that he is worthy. Not that you can really judge a character from a picture, but all the same, I trust your judgement in soliciting calendars.