Saturday, November 26, 2005

So this is what term papers look like. . .

This is what term paper season looks like. After spending the last three weeks writing papers and articles for class, I have one left to go for my psychology class.

I developed the perfect body indent in my bed after I spent roughly 7 hours straight yesterday doing research, only taking a 30 minute break to eat some soup and watch Kenny Vs. Spenny.

Yesterday was also Katrina's name day, so Brie baked her a cake.

Happy Name Day Katrina! (After this picture was taken, Kash confessed that she hates sparklers. Who hate sparklers?)

Mmm...extra tender cake.

Katrina with her patron saint, St. Katherine.

We then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about placenta.

Every day in China, we discuss four main things:

1) Organic cotton.

2) The dishes, and how disgusting they've become.

3) Sex.

4) Some obscure and random topic for the day. (Or as someone pointed out, it's more like five random topics. Yesterday's conversations included mercury in tuna, flouride in the water, placenta trees and night terrors, amongst others.)

These conversations occur every single day without fail, including the organic cotton conversation.

Later in the night, before I went to bed, I became a little bit homesick upon hearing the Chloe was at Tyler's watching the Oiler's game and drinking beer, and that they were headed to the strippers to meet Danny for his birthday. (Nothing makes me homesick like the mention of beer, hockey and the strippers!)

Brie and Mark offered to let me sit on their patented "omni-lap" for consolation purposes.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Ha, Kenny vs. Spenny. Funny thing about that show, is that my aunt, who is awesome and gorgeous, dated Kenny from that show and I've met him a few times. Surprisingly, he's doing quite well for himself. Actually, he is now moving to LA to write for South Park...
    You learn something new every day!


  2. Ah! That's crazy! We're obsessed with Kenny Vs. Spenny at the house right now. Katrina really likes Kenny because he's Jewish.

  3. The evening at Tyler's was a little different than most. First of all, I drank Maverick beer, brewed out of Edmonton, instead of the usual Kokanne. And although we did eat Kraft dinner, it was before we when out and while we were sober. Tyler did make some tasty chicken kabobs too (I think he was ashamed to only make Kraft dinner for his guest, even though it was at my request). We discussed female circumcision and Chris Pronger's five-year contract.

    The Crazy Horse strippers were especially talented. The two girls who performed while I was there both showered on stage, and I am happy to report that neither of them rolled around in oats before doing so. They were extremely flexible too and it kind of reminded me of yoga, except naked and with fake boobs that somehow manage to stay in place when you would otherwise expect them to bounce. Also, we went to Stonehouse for about an hour but our hairless bouncer wasn't there. I had fun, but it wasn't the same without you.