Monday, November 21, 2005

The Quota Revisited

I just looked at my calendar to realize that the end of November is coming up quickly. Quicker than I expected.

Here's the problem; last year, Katherine upped the date per year quota* to two dates per year.

And I've only been on one.

That leaves me with one month to find a date and go on it. While this may not seem like much of a challenge to a well-versed, intelligent and attractive female like myself, I assure you that it is. Case in point: do you remember that one time when I bought two Jack Johnson concert tickets in April, thinking that five months was a sufficient period of time to find a date, and then ended up taking Courtney** with me?

Yah, I remember that one time.

I also now have the added challenge whereas I go back to Alberta in less than a month, and the period between now and then it's exam period. Maybe I can coerce someone into a study session. Would that be considered a date?

*The date/year quota was established in roughly 2003 by my cousin Katherine. The philosophy behind the date per year quota is that you must go on at least the allotted number of dates per year in order to remind yourself why you don't date in the first place. Otherwise, you will become one of those people who rents Meg Ryan movies and actually cries at the end. (I prefer to cry over parrot documentaries.) In the previous years, my date per year quota was at one date per year, but was upped last Christmas to two dates per year.

**Truth be told, Courtney was a better date than anyone else I know would have been. Why would I ruin Jack Johnson with a random guy for the sake of the quota? I prefer my friends.


  1. You might have better luck meeting your quota if you didn't try to make guys feel awkward (har har har)!

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    See? See? I'm not the only one! You've just gotta think like a guy once in a while.

  3. I was at a silent auction last week and bought Colorado/ Oilers tickets (such good seats) with a date in mind. That fell through and now I might be stuck :( I feel your pain

  4. Give me the tickets Erin. I want to go.