Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lists for Wednesday

I write lists constantly. I feel as though they clear out my head, organize my thoughts and validate my existance. So here, upon Mark's request, are some lists that I wrote this week:

Things I’m Really Good At
I'm not very good at many things, so I have the right to gloat about the few things I am good at:

jigsaw puzzles
hula-hooping (but only around my waist)
making out
playing darts
lines (not waiting in them, but rather at avoiding them or finding a way not to stand in them altogether)
braiding hair in corn braids
holding hands
reading quickly
distorting my face into unusual expressions
table manners and etiquette
writing lists

Things I’m Really Bad At

saving money
dealing with babies (with have a mutual understanding, babies and I; they don't like me, so I stay away from them)
walking in a straight line
paying attention (anyone who has ever taken a class with me will attest to this)
lying (not by aptitude, but rather by choice)
waiting (I have zero patience)

Things I Wish I Was Good At
An incomplete list

crossword puzzles
doing hair
being a girlfriend
breathing fire
writing limericks


  1. Sweet. You're bad a being a girlfriend, I'm a terrible boyfriend, so how says me and you get together and make out, no strings attached...

  2. Rob,
    Get in line.

    I never said I was bad at being a girlfriend. I just wish I was better at it.

  3. You know, making lists is an important skill. I'm in general bad at making lists, especially lists listing things I'm good or bad at. This is all good, because I don't feel qualified to say what I'm good at or bad at, anyway. Yeah.

  4. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Why would Rob wait in line when you just said you avoid lines?

  5. to me that is...