Friday, October 21, 2005

This time last week, I was averse to colour.

Pictures from Brie and Katrina's Fashion Photography assignment (all of these pictures were taken to demonstrate different types of lighting, but I have no idea what those types of lighting are, hence the lack of captions):

This is my favourite.

This pose is very "circa 1995." I think I'm going to use it when I apply to model for Sears.

And after I was finished posing like this, I started laughing uncontrollably.


  1. I think you look incredible in all of them, but my favorite is the second one.

    ps. the previous post, a tad disturbing in a hilarious Jess fashion.

  2. Well, isn't being disturbing part of my charm?

  3. I agree the second one is the best from a photographic perspective. My favorite is the last one, thats just a fucking sweet pose. Whats it called? Napolean Dynamite?

  4. I think the 2nd pic is awesome! How to do that!

  5. By the way, want to give me your address again so I can send you postcards from Australia?

  6. The photos they were taking weren't actually for artistic merit, just to clarify (although, I might post the picture that Katrina took of me that was for the artistic component of the assignment). They were just to demonstrate different types of lighting.

    The way the "silhouette" photos were taken is that bright lights were shined on a white backdrop, and I sat with my back to the lights so that no light hit me.

    Basically, it's what happens when someone is EXTREMELY backlit.

  7. I'm with Ryan on this one... Especially that last one.