Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Problems in China #2: MSN Viruses

In which I document the trials and tribulations of 5 girls living together.

Last year, Courtney and I lived next door to each other in residence (Sasha, Katrina and Brie all lived in the other residence building across the street from us) and I somehow became responsible for keeping Courtney's computer in sufficient running order.

As the Alpha Female in China, my role and responsibility has only increased, because now I have 5 computers to look after instead of just 2.

I was just about to go bed last night around 1 a.m., when I got a MSN message from Courtney. "Hi, is this you. . . [my e-mail address and someother garble]?" and when I clicked on it, it was a .exe file. I knew she was going to come running up the stairs any minute, asking for help. But before she had time to do so, I got the same msn message from Brie.

I lectured Courtney. Mainly because she got a variation of this worm only about six months ago, and I had instructed her at that point in time to not open random executable files people send her over MSN. Apparently she did not heed my advice.

Anyways, I would make this post more interesting, but I have to go fix some computers now, but if you are having the same problem, this link has easy to-follow (and slightly humorous)instructions for removal written for the computer illiterate. Also, since it's hard to locate the name, because the file is hidden, it's svshost.exe

Good luck!


  1. I got into schoool! I am in your province in January! wow, scared I am , but excited!

  2. school's cool, if you have legs.

  3. Just follow step 28, babe.