Saturday, October 29, 2005

Naughty Boys Deserve Spankings

It's a couple of hours later, and I'm sitting in bed drinking some mystery tea that Sasha, my witch-doctor roomate, concocted. (Brie swears that this particular tea works, once you get past the fact that it tastes like those Scratch and Sniff Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stickers that smelled like pizza. Not that Brie has actually eaten one of those stickers before. We're talking completely hypothetically here.)

Anyways, apparently after Brie put me in a cab home last night, her memory began to lapse, so she doesn't remember much about the night.

And the photographic evidence doesn't help.


Brie and I met Frank for lunch around 1:00 in the afternoon, which is when we started drinking.


Things to note about my costume: I sewed my apron. Also, the spoon proved useful in giving spankings where I felt it was necessary. Katrina, in particular, really felt she deserved a spanking. She bent over the table Secretary style. Her boyfriend and his brother seemed to enjoy our enthusiasm.

I just think I'd make a really good dominatrix.

Brie was Rainbow Bright.

For further clarification, I was a '50s housewife. In previous years, I've gone as a lingerie model, and last year I was a burlesque showgirl. I thought it was about time to pull out a wholesome costume.

Brie's awesome makeup in the cab.

I have reason to believe that I thought I was being sexy.

The best part of the night (and the only part I can remember): Brian's homemade asparagus costume.

Vanessa was Camp Caribou. I have no idea what Camp Caribou is, but apparently this was a hit at the party.

I actually don't even remember seeing Vanessa last night. I must have spent some good time with her though.

Shortly before I passed out. I have no idea how I look this lucid.

The last picture taken before I passed out. I have no idea who this guy is, but I knew that I really liked the fact that he was a lamp.

And tonight is Round Two.


  1. Funny pix. Go Round Two! I went out last night to tryout my costume and it went well! Though I lost my snazzy cigarette holder, so I had to get a new one for tonight's Halloween extravaganza. First just have to get through work...
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I was expecting pics of Jes passed out with marker all over her face! But the housewife getup will suffice.

    The best Halloween costume I ever saw was in Athens, OH circa 1996. I was walking down the crowded street with a friend when I saw the Pradator monster stalking the crowd. I mean, it was HIM! I swear it! This costume had to have cost the guy several thousand dollars and came straight from Hollywood, 'cause it was friggin' lifelike! He had the shoulder-mounted laser, the skulls on his belt, a movable mouth, the scream -- everything! I swear to you, it was the Predator monster in the flesh!

    I was in a "unique" frame of mind at the time, so this fellow provided hours of entertainment. He would hunker down in the closest dark alley, sneak up on some unsuspecting sap when the opportunity presented itself and scare the Bejesus out of them -- and this went on for hours! I wanted to get my picture taken with him, but anytime I got close, he managed to chase me away.

    I'm still not convinced that the REAL Predator monster wasn't partying in Athens that year!