Sunday, October 16, 2005

Introducing Canada's Next Top Sears Model!

On Friday, after a rough night of staying up late and watching Arrested Development on DVD (Season 2 was realeased on Tuesday) I slept through my morning class before getting out of bed to go model for Katrina.

When I got to the Image Arts building, Brie proceeded to curl my eyelashes and tease my already big hair into pigtails.

Katrina used my digital camera to take a quick test shot for the technical portion of their assignment.

After 3 hours of arching my back in unnatural positions with a shoe tied to my head (pictures coming soon!) I walked home thinking about my potential career as a model. I've come to realize that I can only fully live out my dream if they start up a series called, "Canada's Next Sears Model" and if I'm allowed to model for the 12-15 year-old girls section.

With this thought in mind, I got ready to go out to the guy's Wine and Cheese Party. ("The guy's"? Yes, I know, it's a terrible phrase. But there are six guys living in the house. And I can't list off each of their names in reference to whose party I was going to. This is why having a name like "China" for your house or residence comes in handy.)

We walked into their house to jazz music, boys in blazers, and of course, cheese and crackers.

I felt like I was in a party in my parent's basement. Any second now, I could just hear them knocking on the door and asking, "How are you kids doing down there? Do you want some more soda? You're not touching each other, are you?"

It was awesome!

Other people decided throughout the night that they would jump on the Canada's Next Top Sears Model bandwagon. Pierre, guy whose name I forget, and Brendan already appear to be pros. I've got some tough competition.

However, not so much from Max and Charles.

Sonia and Sarah pulled out excellent Sears model poses. Apart from the beer can.

I'm not too sure Katrina and Andy were posing here.

Although I hope this was.

Wine and cheese party protocal dictates that you aren't allowed to create poses for pictures worth writing witty captions for.

Sonia gave up on the wine halfway through the night, although judging from the amount of empty bottles, we really didn't need her help.

Sarah, again. (So to those people out there who have accused me of having a girl-crush on Brie, these photos should prove otherwise. I am actually in love with Sarah.)

Okay, that was a lie too. I love Mojo, Pierre's iguana.

Premature nostalgia for events that haven't even happened yet. Give us 10 more years.

After the wine bottles were empty, we went to the Green Room where we met up with the other cocktail party that had happened that night.

Brie, Courtney and Sarah.

"You look either bored, or really, really drunk," Court told me. I couldn't figure out why she said this at the time.

I then got into an argument with a guy who had a Canadian flag snowboarder tattooed on his arm, had some Pita Pit, talked to Chloe on the phone ("Chlo-po!!"), participated in an acoustic Joni Mitchell sing-a-long, went home and crawled into my warm bed by myself.

Sometimes, I kind of miss the days when I was a slut.


  1. nice pics!!! But were are the captions?

  2. Psssst -- hey Sonia -- Boddingtons is much better if you pour it into a glass instead of drinking it from the can. You're forsaking the power of the Widget!