Thursday, October 06, 2005

I hate this blog.

I really hate this blog. It really empitomizes and brings emphasis to the most boring, mundane and unreadable aspects of my life. Furthermore, it seems to me that it's turning into everything I hate about blogs. In this case, (credits to Jake for this thought) blog is a four letter word.

Do you know what I did like? i enjoy being a slut. Now, that, my friends, was a brilliant blog if there ever was one.

Do I sense a revival coming on?


  1. Revival?!? Premature nostalgia is right! Yowza!

  2. duuuudde! bring it back!

  3. Heheheheh, I'm sure you can read my mind at this point.

    Erm, not that I don't like this blog, you understand.

    I mean, this blog is also cool, but in a different way.

    Well. *thinks of what to say*

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    hope you haven't lost the kissing booth sign

    seriously where's the adventure?

  5. i vote yes, but i think both blogs are equally entertaing for me.

  6. i enjoyed you enjoying yourself enjoying being a slut.. so enjoy