Sunday, October 23, 2005

End of Midterms Dinner Party

Midterm week just ended.

But you can see the aftermath of its effects upon China.

Courtney and RedBull spent some solid time bonding.

But she realized that it was time to say goodbye to their sweet friendship (for the time being) and prepare for our mini dinner party.

Sasha handled the garlic bread, Courtney made a vegetarian pasta, Brie took care of the salad, and I made apple crisp for dessert.

Jonny came over.

With Justin, who we made sit in the "dunce" chair in the corner of the kitchen room.

Eric came over too. Brie's friend Mindy is also visiting from Kingston, but she has an aversion to being photographed.

But the most popular guest was Jonny's new kitten.

On that note, if you have a kitten and bring it over for us to play with, we *will* make you dinner.


  1. Is that an ikea bed in the top picture. Just wondering cuz next weekend i am purchasing one and wondering if there any good. Either way Ikea is the shit!

  2. I appreciate you more and more Ryan for picking out, of all things, an Ikea bed in these pictures...

    And thanks Jess, you've made me that much more comfortable in my decision to quit real school and go for a trade.

    Oh, and on a side note, remember way back when I was telling everyone I got my poem published in a hardcover book, then found out it was a scam? Apparently not. I got the book today, and I'm front and center. woo!

  3. It sure is an Ikea bed! That's Sasha's room. I have an Ikea bed too, and it's pretty awesome. Super comfortable. I don't think they're good for long term use, but in terms of furnishing an apartment for like 3-5 years, I say do it. It's way cheaper.

  4. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Awww...lookit the cute wittle kitten! I want one!

  5. Awesome good to hear. This weekend im buying a whole new bedroom. New bed, side table, dresser, and bedding. Even though i will be sleeping in it alone its gonna be one fucking sweet bed. I might just invite girls over so they can look at it. And say, you can sleep on the couch cuz my bed is to good for you!