Thursday, October 13, 2005

A 10-Minute Study Break

Courtney came back from The Roots show tonight to inform us that faux-mullets are apparently huge right now. Especially curly ones.

"I thought the mullet trend already passed," said Brie, confused.

"Apparently not," said Court, detailing some mullets she had seen throughout the night. "They're huge in Europe right now."

"Well, how can you have a pseudo-mullet?" Brie legitimately asked.

"Well, they're shorter. . ." said Court, grappling for an answer, before conceding that, "a mullet is a mullet."

After discussing the matter at greater length, we've determined that the natural progression from mullets will be a resurgance of the rat-tail. But as Brie pointed out, they would have to be coming out the side of someone's head. Why? Because the uglier the better. (This is also the same logic that explains the initial reapperance of the mullet.)

And the only way to make a rat-tail uglier (and therefore, trendier) is to make it assymetrical and then braid it.

So, get ahead of the crowd, start growing yours now!


  1. gah! i've been talking about getting a rat-tail for a while now! ask anyone! well, this is it, i'm going to do it. as for the shorter mullet... i've seen it referred to as an "art mullet" in a few places, or, more specifically on a few people. see thom yorke's late '03 / early '04 hair for visual aid.

  2. Well i just spent a year in Australia, and pink shirts and mullets are all the rage there. You would honestly be hard pressed to find a guy who isn't sporting one. And if you don't believe me just check out there cricket team. They take metrosexual to a whole new meaning.

  3. I always referred to the short mullet as the "mullette". Not quite a mullet, but dangerously walking that fine line.

    I saw a kid at the state fair this year with a rat tail. The kid couldn't have been more than 10 years old, but the rat tail appeared to be in its late twenties.

    Strange days, I tells ya! Strange days!

  4. The rat tail should be in the front of the face. If you want to be ugly, make it visible!

  5. Mark- Your opinion is biased and therefore discredited because you both live/work on Queen St. And everyone knows that there is something about Queen St (the lighting, perhaps?) that instantly makes people more attractive. I once almost took home a guy begging off Queen St. for that reason alone. And I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. However, because you work/live on Queen St, it is totally acceptable for you to grow a rat-tai. The only problem is, you would have to limit yourself to neighbourhoods like Kensington and would only be able to get there via teleportation without being ridiculed.

    Rob's idiot friend- the above applies to you as well. I assume that everyone in Australia is hot, just because they are there. Hence why they can pull off the mullets. If you were to try this in Edmonton, you'd never be able to legitimately leave Whyte Ave.

    Rev- As always, I love your anecdotes. Just wanted to extend my appreciation.

    Julia- Why didn't I think of it? Brilliant!

  6. Haha, they may be good looking but they treat their women like shit. Its actually quite sad, no wonder they love canadian boys! By the way the name is Ryan.

  7. don't they sport the assymetrical rat tail in the latest star wars movies.... i hope the next hairstyle will be the comb over.