Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remodel Everything

Moving In

After spending over a week sleeping in other people's rooms, my Ikea furniture finally arrived Thursday night.

Brie and I were hungover from the previous night's kegger, but we knew that we could handle the situation.

Okay, only with the help of Mat, of course.

Four hours later, I had a bed to sleep in. Which was a good thing, since we were trapped upstairs due to the obscene amount of recycling that had collected during the moving process.

Mat Loves Doody.

"Dewey? What's dewey? Like the dewey decimal system? I didn't know you liked that! I love the dewey decimal system!"- Me, after being unable to decipher Court's writing, and just confused in general.

Sunday, September 4th

One of the reasons I can't restrain myself from keeping a blog any longer is because of all the hot outfits my roomates and I pull together, which we consequently take pictures of.

There isn't much of a story here. It was a long weekend and we went out for drinks with the girls.

Brie and I.

Katrina and Vanessa.

Sasha and Julia.

We're narcassistic like that.

And, my new tattoo.

Wednesday, September 7th

Last year during Frosh Week, I went out drinking eight nights in a row. This year during frosh week, we didn't really go out with the exception of the kegger (which sadly, there is no photo documentation of).

I think that since last year I've matured and grown as a person, and don't feel the need to go out partying night after night the week before school starts.

Instead, I feel the need to go night after night the week after school starts.

Wednesday, Court, Eric and I went to Ram in the Rye to watch Cuff the Duke play a free show. Naturally, we had to drink beer while doing so.

It was on this night that I annouced that I was going to start a new blog. Court and Eric insisted that I take a picture of this guy's shirt for that exact reason.

Halfway through the show, Court couldn't control her bladder any longer, and we had to leave the patio (which there was a line to get onto due to the free concert) to go to the bathroom.

I nearly had an orgasm when I spied the newly installed dartboard.

This guy nearly had an orgasm when he spied the opportunity to put his arm around a girl and jump into a random picture.

Back out on the patio, the boys were playing an awesome show.

I never clap along. Mainly because I can't count time very well.

We also ran into Julia back out on the patio, before we called it a night.

We like Courtney's new shoes.

Thursday, September 8th

I went to keep Brie company at the Laundromat before the O.C. started on Thursday night, and we made it back to the house just in time for the opening credits.

My thoughts on the O.C. this year? It seems to me that the writers of the show were so incapable of creating a new and interesting story arch that they resorted to the good ol' dialogue-free days involving couples cohorting happily on the beach while waves crash in the background. Hell, there was even a beach campfire! I was irritated beyond belief and came to this one conclusion- I really, really wish I was part of a beach montage.

That would be awesome!

Instead, I'm stuck in some sort of digital photo montage of partying in the city.

I don't mind.

Eric randomly came over to join us before we went to the Ram in the Rye for pub night.

Brie and Eric.

Katrina and Court.

Friday, September 9th

Every year, Ryerson hosts an annual Parade and Picnic at Centre Island, featuring free bands and, of course, beer. Because the event is organized by the Student's Union, we are allowed to skip our Friday classes penalty free.

Court, Mat, Katrina, Sasha and Brie wait for the bus.

Waiting for the ferry.

Brie's hot Oakley sunglasses.

At some point, I got jealous that everyone else was being photographed, and I was being excluded. (Yes, I realize I was the one taking all the pictures, but that's beyond the point.) So I decided to remedy the situation.

Sasha on the ferry with her Oakley sunglasses.

Hey! Look! The cliched and often photographed Toronto skyline! Wow, like we haven't seen this image eight thousand times before. So what's the difference here? Well, I'm the photographer.

Out at Centre Island, the Ryerson kids were out in full force for the beer, er, I mean, the music.

And we ran into Julia again!

Brie and I also got free ice cream from an ice cream vendor. Presumably because we're this cute.

We also saw Red with some ladies. He licked tattoos on us. (Little does he know that Brie and I have a solid defense againsts his deformation tactics; baby oil!)

And then Metric took the stage. Emily Haines looked and sounded awesome.

She looked even better after she demanded that the security guards remove the barriers so that the crowd could get closer to the stage. She also alluded to the inicident at the Mod Club when she got in trouble from the bouncers for encouraging a mass of people up on stage to crowd-surf with her.

Over in the corner, we couldn't resist from dancing to "Dead Disco."

My favourite part about this picture is the guy in the background watching. We had a small crowd gathered around us, composed primarily of males.

I usually hate girls who sit on their boyfriend's shoulders during shows. But it was something about the music, or the crystal clear sky, or maybe it was just the alcohol in my blood stream that made me find the scene somewhat beautiful.

Let's go with the sky.

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