Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pictures that don't involve dead things.

Brie and Katrina are enrolled in a fashion photography class right now. What better excuse for me to take pictures?

Brie taking a picture of Sasha's judy. This photo is really backlit, but I prefer it that way.

The creepy hair salon next door. This sign featuring makeup from 1979 is not placed there for ironic or trendy purposes- it has actually probably been there since 1979.

This is also in the window, depicting how wonderful a facial must feel. I suspect this has also been in the window since around 1979. There were many other amazing signs in the window, but right after I took this photo, the owner of the beauty salon (who, by the way, is our next door neighbour and irrationally hates us) came out to yell at me.

Sasha doing a Chloe-esque jungle pose.

Sasha on our roof. Another really back-lit photo, but I enjoy it.

One of Brie's assignments was to take a photo of someone blowing bubbles.

She was also instructed to take pictures of someone taking photos. That would be me. This is a picture I took of Carlton street when Brie instructed me to sit on the ledge of our roof and take a picture.

I have bruises from being on the roof so much this week.

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