Thursday, September 22, 2005

Memories Deferred

I've been reduced to writing jotted notes on scraps of paper, later transferring them to post-it notes, and then putting the post-it notes in my journal in hopes that at some point I'll be able to sit down and write some concrete thoughts for myself.

Which probably explains why I haven't written any thoughts for you.


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    i demand a link to my blog, and i'm extremely rediculously persistent, as you know.


    oh no! You're not wearing a shirt!

  2. Just laminate the post it's...

  3. Look who's back in blogtown. Can't keep them away for long, I guess.

    Hope Toronto is better than Cold Lake. Oh, and hey, I know your friend Brett (the short, blond kid from Cold Lake). We drink in RATT sometimes. He's good people.

    Reverse stalked! Bammm!

  4. A 1995 party? Isn't it a little too soon? Why not a 1905 party instead? Nirvana -vs- Polio? I think I'm going to go with polio...