Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jesus loves Jenna!

Yesterday morning, I was awoken at 9 a.m. by the Cabbagetown Festival in full-force. I went out on the roof to sit in the sun with Brie and watch the Parade pass by.

When I went inside, I got a phone call.

It was Jenna, who was unexpectedly in the city.

On a break from the rugby game we were watching, we went in search of hot dogs only to be found by the "International Festival of Faith" parade. (Word on the street is that Jesus loves Toronto!) After seeing two parades in one day, I knew that the day had something special in store.

Okay, actually, I just had plans to go to Mark's place for a party, where I took tons of profile pictures with no significant meaning or context.

Sarah is one of my token journalism friends. She learned to use chopsticks for the first time last night.

Calvin used to be one of Mark's roomates at Homewood. He is well-known for his "calvin pins" (most frequently found in every nook and cranny of a host's home after a party, also seen on my purse, and on Clavin's shirt is this picture) as well as his artwork (also featured in this picture).

This kid is named Mikey. We know each other mainly via the blog-o-sphere.

Katrina was also making friends.

Mark was just dissapointed that his drink was empty. So I typed him a very special word document and saved it to his desktop. "Mark's Post-Party Note from Jessica!!!!(Yes, this warrants exclaimation marks.)" was the very special and very long document name of the given word document.

This is one of the last pictures of Julia taken before she had to retire to her room. The little gaffer was just too tuckered out for all the excitement that night had to hold, I guess.

Or, she was upset that Brie and I ate all her thai food. Maybe she went to her room to mope.

Or, most likely, she was just really trashed and passed out prematurely.

Later in the night, Vanessa encouraged us to write on her with permanent marker.

And I tickled Brie on the couch.

And in conclusion, Brie looked adorable today, despite being very tired from last night's events.



  2. I can't wait to come and see you!
    Glad you have a blog again, you have been missed!