Sunday, September 18, 2005

Be that animal!

On Thursday night, all the residents of China headed to the Ram in the Rye for pub night.

Waiting in line.
I'm really good at parties, but I'm not very good at line-ups.

I'm also good at imitating a 15-year-old with bloodshot eyes.





And Sasha, who somehow managed to look like she just completed a romantic tryst prior to posing for this picture.

Friday, Sasha pleaded with me to go with her to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I had been at job training all day (after consuming one too many beers at the Ram the previous night), and had to trek through the pouring rain home on more than one occassion. Needless to say, I was exhausted, and in no mood to go to the museum.

However, after she presented a very convincing argument pointing out that the party we were headed to later in the night was in that direction anyways, I found myself tagging along with her. I tried to convince myself the experience would be fun an enlightening.

Then, for 45 minutes, I watched her take pictures for a school assignment. Like this.

And like this.

Yup. So fun and enlightening.

On our way out of the museum, she asked me if I still wanted to go to the kid's "wonder discovery zone."

Yes! Of course I did!

Sasha met her soul mate, the turtle. (She definitely wouldn't get along with the hare.)

And I began a game called, "Be that animal!"
"Be a snake in brine!"

"A fish in brine!"

We took a brief break from "be that animal!" to make some rubbings in the children's zone.

To the batcave! (I can't help but wonder how many other people have taken this exact same picture, while saying the exact same thing. None, I would guess, since I'm so brilliant and original).

"Hey, it's one of those things!" Sasha said.
"Um, a giant seagull?"
"No, one of those things! They come from New Zealand."
"Um, a giant seagull?"
"No, it's one of those birds!"
"Well, it's obviously a bird." Sasha and I stood there in stumped silence. Until, yet again, brilliance hit me. "I have an idea. Maybe we should actually read the plaque. It will tell us!"

Brilliant, I tell you!

"Ohhh! An albatross!"
"Oh, like from the movie the Rescuers Down Under!"

This conversation is relevant in remembering the night, because it was actually pretty much the only thing I discussed with people once we got to the party. Strangely enough, people are quite vocal when it comes to their opinions and recollections on albatrosses. Who would have thought?

"Be that gopher!"

"Be that leopard!" [or was it a spotted jaguar?]
My growling skills that I learned during the 2006 calendar photo-shoot came in handy here.

"Be that lion!"
Sasha and her doppleganger.

Sasha has an affinity for raccoons. Ever since Project Pigeon Poke though, I'm not sure I feel the same way.

"Be that mystery animal with wings!"

"Be that bat!"

"Be that snake!"

After this photo was taken, a sad event occurred- my camera batteries died. I was unprepared for this turn of events, and was unable to capture the rest of the night that involved a Bob Marley mega-mix danceathon, an iguana, stylish plastic bag hats and a lot of gin.

I hope the Girl Scouts don't take away my badge.


  1. wow that made me want to watch ladyhawk for some reason.

  2. I don't think I'm familiar with Ladyhawk. As in, I'm not.

  3. movie.... with Matthew Broderic and Michelle Pfeiffer... 1985