Thursday, September 29, 2005

After-School Midnight Activity: Party Prep

Around midnight tonight, Brie and I started making "conversation" posters for the Circa 1995 party that we're holding tomorrow night.

Brie's posters are amazing, down to the last ying-yang.

Mine look like a 11-year-old made them. Of course, this was done purely for artistic merit, since I was eleven in 1995. Ooooh. Can you see the depth and thought I put into my work now?

Yah, that's what I thought.

Katrina adds her contribution to our "What do you remember. . . circa 1995?" poster.

My memory? "I got my first bra- which I refused to wear. Mainly because I was flat until I was 18."

The "before" poster. Hopefully, I'll remember to take an "after" picture before we rip the poster down during post-party clean-up.

It might be a couple of days until I get the party pictures posted, because Mike is visiting me from Alberta for the week.

So, in the interim, what do you remember from 1995?


  1. In 1995 I was nine-years old. I was in grade four, and I had just left CLPS for stupid GCES.

    I also remember rockstar barbies, being obsessed with the spice girls, and being the tallest girl in the grade.

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  3. I hate to interject, but since I am obsessed with dating music (guess that year! is one of my favourite games) I must let you know that the Spice Girls actually didn't hit the music scene until July of 1996.

  4. I was in Grade 7, in love with Ryan Cherwnichan and making lists with my freinds which rated all of the guys in our class on their merits. Par example, nicest eyes, greatest hair...haha

    I also remember My so called life, Big bangs, No fear shirts, and Fringe at the bottom of my jeans. Club Monaco sweatshirts were also a popular trend.

    I wish I was at the party! Say hi to mike for me!

  5. That would make sense, Grade 5 was Spice Girls.

    I remember being in love with Nick Watson. Staring at him from the other side of Miss Miller's rooms was one of my favorite past times.

  6. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I went to University in 1995, I don't remember much because of this.

    Best Song of 1995: Some Might Say - Oasis

    Best Movie of 1995: Se7en

  7. 1995 was a stellar year for me. I graduated highschool and started college. I was working a ton of manual labor jobs, so I was in the best shape of my life. I had a handfull of girlfriends in a handfull of states.

    Saw a ton of great music that year. The Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Dylan, Nine Inch Nails (with David Bowie), Beastie Boys, Tribe Called Quest, Smashing Pumpkins (they sucked!), Reel Big Fish and a few others.

    Jerry Garcia died and the traveling circus that was the Grateful Dead came to a halt. Everyone mourned the loss -- the internet was filled with little virtual candels (iiiiii) and heads of state offered their condolences from all over the country (world?). Even the president and vice president were Deadheads!

    I got onto the internet for the first time when I moved to college. Netscape went public and launched the dot com boom.

    1995 was a good year. And things have only gotten better!

    How's that for premature nostalgia?

  8. 95.... gr8. thats a year i 'd like to errase from my memory bank. Spagetti strap dresses. If you didn't have one you were shunned to the bog of eternal uncoolness.
    gr 9..... entered gchs. Interesting year. very interesting.
    but still i dwindeled in the bog of loserdome.

  9. I was in grade five and grade six. I always wanted to own a spaghetti strap dress, and combat boots.
    Luckily, Goodwill provided, and that's what I wore on Friday night!